which reached more than 12,00▓0 boys and girls, an unprecedented level, said

Ha▓q."This is the highest number we have ever re▓corded since 2005 on this violation," Special Repr▓esentative of the Secretary-General fo▓r Children and Armed Conflict Virginia Gamba told the press.The number of child casualties in Afghanistan remaine▓d the highest such number

  • in the present report, and children accounted for 28 percent of all▓ civili

    an casualties.In the Syrian Arab Republic, air strikes, barrel bombs a▓nd cluster munit

    ions resulted in 1,854 child casualties,

  • and in Yemen, 1,689 children bore the brunt of ground▓ fighting and other

    offensives, the repor▓t said.Children continued to be forced to take an active part in

    hostilities, including to carry out suic

  • id▓e bombings against civilians, said the report, adding that others were u

    sed in support r▓oles such as sexual slaves or human shields.Somalia remained the count

    ry with the highest number of cases of

  • the recruitment and use of children followed ▓by Nigeria, according to the report.The repor▓t also verified 1,023 attacks on schools and hospitals. In the Syria, 201

  • 8 witnessed 225 attacks, the highest number▓s of attacks, on schools and medical fac▓ilities recorded since the beginning of the conflict.Attacks on schools and hospita

  • ls had a devastating effect on access to education ▓and to health services for thousands of ch▓ildren, the report said. "Increased numb▓ers of attacks were also verifi

  • ed in the Central African Republic, Colombia, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, the Sudan and Yemen."The UN chief urged all parties to co▓nflict to strengthen their engag

  • ement with the United Nations and reminds them of their responsibility for protecting▓ children."Parties must ensure compliance with th▓eir obligations under internat

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